PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
It is a back end supporting language or you can say server side scripting language. Through which you can do both programming and application development.

Recently in November 2017, PHP has it’s stable release. Stable release means, from now onwards whenever the software needs upgradation it would be regarding bugs and error only and no changes in the software. Same applies to programming languages and open-source frameworks, too.

Mascot of the PHP is the elePHPant, a blue colored elephant with PHP written on it. Even many programmers tried changing it’s Mascot but the blue colored elephant with PHP written on it was the one, accepted and considered official by the community. And PHP is a free software releases under the PHP License.

Design and the technology details can be redistributed or changed in PHP easily. And web pages can be designed using HTML. As it’s a server side scripting language, it gets executed on the server side first and then on the web browser of the user.

Benefits Of Using PHP

  1. Easy: This server side scripting is easy to develop for the developers and easy to use for users. And if you know the syntax of other programming languages like C, C++ or pearl, then developing application or software through PHP would become easy for you, as it has a minor difference of syntax among them.
  2. Control: With PHP you don’t need to write down long long code, you just need to write few codes and your work is done, while in other languages need to write longer content, which becomes tedious and at times difficult to understand, too. And while debugging the error the work gets more irritating and sometimes difficult to find the error too. That way, PHP is far better.
  3. Cost Efficient: As it is an open source programming language, it is free of cost. So no need of buying any software to develop your website just use PHP open source with few paid plugins and your website is ready at minimal cost.
  4. Efficient: As it is easy to develop a website through PHP, so does the modification in it. PHP is one of the most efficient programming languages over the globe. It is scalable in the context of coding and reliable while dealing with the website or web pages.
  5. Access To Support: As PHP is been used by the bigger population over the globe, it is supported by one of the largest community of the world, too. So whenever you have a query regarding PHP, you can put up your questions on any damn platform regarding PHP and you will get your query solved for sure. It is one the benefits to use PHP as your developing partner.
  6. Platform Independent: PHP supports all almost all the OSs and web browsers like, MacOS, Windows, Linux or UNIX.
  7. Supports all servers: Supports almost all the web servers like Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape and a personal web server, too.
  8. Speedy: As it uses it’s own memory (RAM), it takes minimal time to load the code or data. And the process gets faster. So the development time gets reduced for the websites like e-Commerce.
  9. Secured: You don’t need to worry when you are getting your website or software done using PHP framework. It is one of the most secure framework ever. It has it’s own security layer to protect against viruses and threats.
  10. Trusted: As PHP has been used since 2 decades, millions of people have tested it in 360 degrees way and it’s been proven as one of the best programming languages to work with and so trusted by millions over the globe.

Some Technical Objects Of PHP

PDF Generation

Command Line Scripting

Displaying Web Pages

Dynamic Image Generation and Processing

GUI (Graphic User Interface) based Desktop Applications

Flash Greator

Developing Facebook Applications

Writing Web Services or Application Programming Interface

Parsing XML

Email Applications

Create WordPress Plugins

Write PHP Libraries

Audio and Video Streaming Sites

Hire Forastar As Your PHP Developer

PHP is one of the most easiest programming language, as it’s an open source it is free of cost so your website would get done at minimal cost.

We have PHP developers who knows PHP as a framework in and out so even in future after getting the software or website delivered, if you still have any query or you get any error regarding it, we are just a call away. Plus there are no security issues or threats to your data when you are working with Forastar.

So come down to Forastar office at anytime, have a cup of coffee with us and let us help you out with your problems. Let’s get connected.

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