AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework, which supports MVC (Model-View Controller). Through which we can develop cost-effective, large scale applications. AngularJS is a front-end developer. And it is one of the most powerful technologies. AngularJS supports almost all major browsers.

In-Depth Examples Of Renowned Application Using AngularJS:

  • The Guardian: It is one of the leading companies in designing and publishing arena. User Interface (UI) of this web application is developed using AngularJS.
  • PayPal: It is one of the leading internet payment company worldwide. It is website has been developed using AngularJS.
  • jetBlue: It is one of the leading airlines in America which has its own Airlines portal. And it’s existing version got developed using AngularJS.
  • Lego: It is counted in one of the top most manufacturer of play materials over the globe. And it’s website, is developed using AngularJS.
  • Netflix: It is an American company. Which provides online streaming videos and DVD by mail. And it’s developed using AngularJS.
  • Freelancer: It’s an online workplace, which is a bridge between the freelancers and the clients. The website of freelancer is been developed using AngularJS.
  • Weather: It’s a live online weather updating website, which is developed using AngularJS.
  • YouTube for PS3: It is a video sharing portal by Google. In which PS3 was developed using AngularJS.

Technical Features:

  • MVVM Pattern: Model-View-View Model. It is an architectural pattern, where UI controls and their presentation logic gets separated. Models hold the data, View Model holds the representational data and View represents the UI, which is just an HTML
  • REST Architecture: It is an architectural style for designing. Works for single line coding too and easy to understand.
  • Data Binding: It is the process of building a connection between the UI of application and business logic.
  • Data Dependency Injection: It means when one object is having dependency over other object or one project is supplying dependency to another project.

Why To Hire Forastar As Your AngularJS Developer

If you are looking forward to get your mobile or web application developed, than Forastar is the perfect answer to it. And at Forastar at times when client is not much aware about the technology, we guide them too. Like if they want to get a mobile or web application done than you should go for AngularJS. Likewise for other needs we suggest them other languages or framework too.

AngularJS is easy to code and east to understand, for both developers and users. Sometimes if it happens when you cannot call your developer, so you as an user can directly change the minor level of code.

And we have our confidential policy with our clients like:

  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Stringent procedures
  • Security

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