Odoo is a software which is an all in one management software. Odoo ERP offers a bigger range of business applications. And it’s target is all sized companies. The software has some features like CRM, website, e-Commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, ware house, project management and inventory.

There are two versions in Odoo.

  1. Community Version: It is an open-source version
  2. Enterprise Version: It deals with the community version features plus commercial features and services.

Because of Odoo, thousands of ERP apps have been built quicker. With the strong technical foundations, Odoo’s framework is unique.

Why To Use Odoo ERP?

Because, the competition is growing everyday. Everyday new startup is opening and every startup or an MNC or a middle level company needs a software which can take care of every activity of the business. What else would be the best than ERP. Enterprise Resource Planning, means something which connects all the isolated system and it turns out to be one system.

Odoo ERP is an open-source which started off as an ERP solution, which was known as an OpenERP back. Earlier it was competing with SAP kind of a software only but now it suits all kind of business applications. Like, billing, accounting, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory management, content management, e-Commerce, etc.

Odoo ERP has grown like anything in the countries of Asia and Europe. Because of the product itself, it got worked and succeeded speedily.

Why To Adopt Odoo ERP For Your Business?

For it's terrific User-Interface

Fot it's comprehensive features

For it's modular platform

Because it's flexible

Because it provides a cost-effective solution

No-vendor Lock In

For Constant Updates

Offers wide functionality

Upgraded message functionality

Why To Hire Forastar As Your Odoo ERP Developer?

If you want to get your ERP software developed, come down to Forastar. We, Forastar will not only develop your ERP system but also guide you for the needed guidance.

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