Sometimes all you want is a great developer to add value in the product and our aim is to bring a higher standard to a world that is dominated by the likes of Gigster, Upwork, and Toptal by taking a different team-led approach through hiring a developer.

We believe that a great team builds extraordinary products that move the needle on your critical business metrics. We’ll provide a great full-stack team of Angular JS, Node JS, PHP, Mobile (iPhone or Android) engineers from our team.

“Uber for X” concept become few of the startups and small businesses increasingly rely on “ready to use” frameworks rather than opting for custom development. The war for developer talent is hotter than ever. Whether you’re trying to build mobile apps, redesign the user experience on your public website, or keep business-critical applications on the cutting edge, everyone needs a code.

What’s the Difference Between a Developer and a Programmer?

A programmer or coder is mainly focused on the programming/ coding part of the software development process. He writes efficient codes in a specific programming language.

It can be said that developer is programmers to a greater or lesser extent. A developer is much involved in software development and has skills to analyze and design the software-architecture in an efficient manner. They are in direct communication with the clients and thus this helps them to actually understand the product requirement. In short, they are responsible for research, design, documentation, programming, implementation, product analysis and testing of web and application software.

Do I need to hire a Developer or a Programmer?

A programmer and a developer are like two different profiles. While if you are a startup, you might consider hiring a developer rather than a programmer, since they will be able to handle more than just coding. Developers are basically programmers with skills in other areas of software development as well.

Once you hire a developer your project management worries are over. They take the responsibility of coordination and communication and also you have direct access to them via phone, chat, and email. Also on demand developers tends to work quickly with the fast turnaround as they closely work with clients.

The developer delivers knowledge and experience across various software platforms, and also uses them while working on your project to make it more ravishing, responsive and attractive as well.

Hence, now if you are keen to hire a development team, you don’t need to go anywhere else. Forastar is here to help you out. We have a skilled developers who are proficient to all the latest technologies and can deliver into a diverse industry with varying requirements.

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