Laravel is an open-source PHP framework to develop customized web and mobile applications. It follows the MVC model (Model-View Controller). Which is an architectural pattern which separates the application into 3 components like: The model, the view and the controller.

What Is New In Laravel?

  1. Laravel Horizon: Provides beautiful dashboard, and self-testing configuration
  2. Laravel Dusk: Provides easy to use the browser and automatic testing API (Application Program Interface)
  3. Laravel Echo: It makes it easy for the user to bring the power of Web Sockets to the Laravel applications.
  4. Build a Chatbot with Laravel and Botman: It helps the developer to build customized chatbots and users can even do the modifications when and where it is needed.

Technical Objects Of Laravel

Directory Structure:
It is basically the structure of folders, sub-folders and files. Where all the classes are namespaced.
It is an API (Application Program Interface) which helps in defining gulp tasks for the application.
It’s a mandatory task to do for any of the application but on the same hand it’s tedious task too. So the Laravel 5 came up with the feature called ‘Pre-built validation code’. This feature minimizes the time to implement the code for the developers
Commands and Artisan:
Command line is used to handle the Laravel project. But in Laravel 5.4, there is an in built tool called Artisan, which helps in developing and creating developer’s own code.
System Database Migration and Security:
Database structure gets expanded by using Migration system of Laravel 5.4. Laravel is one of the most safe and secured framework. So not to worry about the data when using Laravel and creating database through using it.
Route Migration:
It is an irritating process for developers to check the detailing of each process. But with Route Middleware it gets easy. And Route Middleware adds on more layers to existing HTTP routes.
File Support:
Laravel uses a local supportive network, the Flysystem.
Route Caching:
It is for the application who has larger number of routes.

Why To Hire A Laravel Developer?

Laravel is a PHP framework and it is one of the highest rated PHP framework. It has features like modular packaging system and API. As it’s a PHP based framework, it’s easy to understand from the user and developer both the sides. Plus you will have different ways to access the relations database. It’s simple and elegant, too.

Here Are Some Of The Companies Using Laravel

Deltanet Travel

Neighborhood Lender


Laravel Tricks

World Walking

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