What Is Node.JS And Why To Hire A Node.JS Developer?

Node.JS is an open source cross-platform network to develop mobile and web applications, which will allow developing cost-free, large scale and complex applications. And one can develop data-intensive and real-time back-end services.

Node.JS provides a JavaScript runtime environment built on the V8 engine. It uses an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model. And it uses for developing real-time applications like live gaming, voting polls, chat-boxes, etc.

Here are some of the examples of the apps developed using the Node.JS framework: PayPal, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Mozilla, Netflix, Uber, Groupon, Go Daddy, eBay, etc.

Here Are Some Of Node.JS Apps Development Trends In 2018


Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Event Loop


Unified API (Application Program Interface)


Some Technical Objects Of Node.JS

Event Loop

  • The framework registers itself with the desktop OS so that whenever any update is required, the OS gets notified.

NPM (Node.JS Package Management)

  • It helps in installing programs from the NPM registry.
  • It helps in organizing the installation and management of 3rdparty Node.JS programs.


  • It operates in a single thread so easy to develop single page application.
  • It allows more than thousands of connections support without getting a single error.

Unified API

  • It can be combined with the browser, which has a database which supports JSON data.


  • It is the JavaScript execution engine built for Google Chrome and open-sourced by Google in 2008.

Hire Forastar As Your Node.JS Developer

If you want to get your web or mobile application done, come down to Forastar. We, Forastar will not only develop your application but also guide you which framework to use and why to use it.

For an example, if the client wants to get some real-time application developed like chat box than we would be suggesting them a Node.JS framework. Which is easy to use and easy to understand. And Node.JS is one the most powerful back-end framework.

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