Web, Mobile And Software Application Development Services

We understand the core needs of startups and SMEs by wearing their shoes and being with them for their kickstart business growth.

In the time of Bitcoin currency, it is a time to create a strong online presence with smart, interactive, modernized and responsive solutions for the end-users.

When you’re far from Silicon Valley a lot of weird and cool stuff happens and that’s the services we offer to startups and enterprises to evaluate, design, develop and launch their ideas while keeping in mind startup constraints such as cost and timeline.

We believe in building a minimum viable product (MVP) in delivering your end product. Knowing what you want to create, and how to get there, will save you time and money.

Our Services

Mobile App Development
We create native and cross platforms mobile apps for all iPhone, iPad, and iWatch using Swift and Objective-C, whereas we use Kotlin and Java for all Android devices.

Web App development
We deliver tailor-made back-end and front-end solutions for your website or web application project.
App developers for hire
Many times we have found that our clients are only looking for one more great developer to add extra value in their product and we are offering one of the best developers from our team with a dedicated model.
MVP for Startups
MVP for startups service helps you bring your idea to a stage where it quickly validates the mobile app concept saving even 70% of time and budget.

Flexible Engagement Models

Considering the startup growth, we at Forastar provides following flexible engagement models. These models are designed to address diverse requirements & build close relationships with our clients through systemized operational methods & tools to reduce cost and time in the longer period.

Fixed Cost:
It is ideally fit for small to medium size projects where scope, requirements, and deliverables are defined well in advance at the start of the project. This model is more suitable for projects where there is a clear list of specifications, little to no change expected in features and a clear understanding of the final product.

It is suitable for medium to large scale projects where scope, specification, and deliverables are not completely defined at the start but it evolves over the period of time. This applies to most new product development projects where there is a need to be agile and flexible in the scope of the product and the timescales for delivery.

Dedicated Resources:
This is best where a client is at liberty to define everything during the development phase ongoing basis with a developer where a client is given fixed monthly hours of developers to work with. We are happy to provide a dedicated team that provides the right fit for your needs; whether it’s a few designers or simply a couple of developers that can work alongside your existing team.