The Most Intelligent Trends for Future Travel Apps

The multipurpose application can simplify people lives. 44% of traveler can prepare their trips via a mobile device. Through some apps, friends and family member can view many recommendations. Also, experts tips and consumer reviews can help to make the travelling decision.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot

Fortunately, recent apps which are based on modern technologies can help to view many resources of travel information to facilitate their decision. The development of travel apps keeps them more popular. So there are some trends should be taken on consideration during designing travel apps in the future.  The artificial intelligence (AI) is used for travel apps to create a specialized advisor and a customer supporter which is a chatbot. By 2020 most business brands will adopt this technology especially travel apps. The chatbot can respond as human in an impressive way. While chatbot is pre-programmed to enhance the customer service, this allows the customer to give a natural interaction. AI can receive and sort data to give a rapid response to the customer’s problems and requests. Also, AI can turn customers feedback and behavior into conclusions which provide advice. This will improve the business performance.

Blockchain Technology


Many years ago, Blockchain technology has prevailed in the digital world. Many individuals consider it as a mysterious concept. But It is an opportunity for technology which will develop our life especially for the travel industry.

Blockchain as digital currency became a sign of modern technology. It is secure in transactions through special clusters. Blockchain provoked a revolution especially in the travel industry because the information is stored and transmitted in a safe way. The details cannot be modified or tampered.  As travelers want to enjoy their trips. Blockchain is a safe currency which can be used in different countries all over the world. Funds transferring will be direct. Some famous travel companies join the bitcoin travel sphere. So Blockchain identity will change in the future travel industry.

By 2020, a growing technology will give a lot of opportunities for travel brands to engage with traveler effectively. Being aware of modern technologies as mentioned above will make the travel easier.

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